Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Heh, I seem to post a new entry once every 1.5 months :p

Well, uni has started again. Yes, it could be a whole lot better, but it could also be a lot worse. I have made some new friends, ones whom I seem to get along with. My tutorials are fun, which is odd.

Where to begin...
Well, since my last blog, I have lost at least 10kg, and put on additional muscle mass. Yet, I still feel bloated :{ I went from being able to barely do 10 pushups, to being able to do 40. Currently I'm doing 12 sets of 25 every 2nd or 3rd night..But I feel that I'm beginning to slack off, and I'm starting to lose my touch again.
Hopefully I'll be able to fix that soon.

I met quite a few new people at uni, and ran into some old friends. One person to mention in particular, would have to be Louise :D

I'd known her through Ivan last year, and I always wondered why she always seemed so quiet. I assumed that that was the way she was. Then recently, one of my primary school mates (Kim) was talking to Louise, and I joined in the conversation. And I brought up primary school, and asked Louise where she had gone. Turns out, she was in my class back in Grade 5, and she was even one of the two people asked to guide me around when I first arrived from Malaysia. I HAD NO IDEA @_@
She was all like, omfg I recognised you straight away, I thought you were just pretending to not know me :(((
I still don't remember her T__________T

Also, I'm still working the same amount of hours per week, no change there..
OH yeah, it was my birthday 2 weeks ago, I didnt really do stuff :|
I had uni in the morning, work in the afternoon, and for dinner we had Chink food (surprise! except not). I didn't want to eat Chink food, so my mum was all like, so you decide where to go then. And after like 2 hours I finally decided that I wanted Fish & Chips. Needless to say, she yelled at me, and said that if I wanted fish and chips, she would make it tomorrow night - except my mum's version of Fish & Chips doesn't include chips, and the fish doesn't taste like fish from fish & chips :||
Anyhow, we ended up eating chink food.

Last week, my sister - Michelle - came back for my sister - Emille - 's Graduation. She was praising me all week about how much weight I'd lost in just a month :D
Graduation was pretty boring, and we had a late dinner, so I felt really bad about that.

Today, I went to see Daredevil for free (thx Mai ^_^). The best parts of the movie were the xmen and matrix previews :|
Seriously, whoever made that movie needs to die.

Also, I would rant on about seeing Melissa the few times in the past few weeks, but I don't feel like thinking about her anymore :{

I just realised that my 1.5 months of life can be summarised in less than a page! How delightful.

Sorry Shrap, no weird dreams this time :(

Anyway, till next time.
----------> I joined Kung Fu ^____________^ <--------------