Thursday, August 22, 2002
testing hope this works.

Archive still doesnt work -_-

or maybe i cant archive anything until I have at least 1 week of stuff ;D~

Hi all :D

Not so much depressed today, the stupid colourquiz that I did yesterday (www.colorquiz.com [*o_O at American spelling]) happened to come up during my Marketing session, and they were just liek laughing at me :{.

err...Had Marketing lecture at 10:00, Jap from 11:00 - 1:00, but I skipped Marketing lecture to study for Jap (Kanji >:|) and skipped the second half of Jap to study for Marketing Tute Group at 1:00 :|

I proly should organise my time better.

And I payed a visit to Melissa (a surprise one at that), only to find that she wasn't home -_-;


k I go dentist now bai.

back from dentist, and..dentist said I can get my braces off before I (perhaps) go to Japan :D!

err...decided to hand in the Knox Application form today, since Mai told me it was meant to be in by yesterday -_-
...Sister's friend came back from Sydney, and they were going out to dinner, so I asked her to help me drop it off.

Umm....Ate dinner, and heard about all that "my Grade 5 priest teacher raped me back in 1857" and its so fucking lame.

Stupid asses are just out to make money, it's so annoying.

Then I came to computer to edit this post. Hope Melissa's not too mad at me for showing up at her house when she wasn't home ;)

Have yet to call her today. Bought her chocolates, hope that made up for it, we've been going out for exactly 1 year and 2 months now (:D!).

k, I might go call her soon, but for now, some accounting assignment to keep me busy >:(

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
hi :D!

depressed today, whee my first blogger thingy :E

For some reason, everyone is find G-spot to be really funny.