Monday, November 11, 2002
wow...another 20 days since my last blog D:

Well yeah...not much has happened since then.

Failed Accounting. Failed Finance. Failed Marketing. GJ @ me for picking the wrong course. I fucking hate it >:(
Well at least I'm planning to pass Jap, since I'm actually interested in that @_@.

ermm...Was sick for quite a while last week, had the flu as well as food poisoning, ergh. Too bad I didn't die >:(
Well I ended up working about 2 hours total, cos I felt so shite..

I bought Super Smash bros: Melee recently, because games were 25% off @ Target. Got it cheap, but I still haven't returned that mem card I bought yet, even though I haven't used it. Nobody to go to Chadstone with me, it's so boring going all by myself :(

ermm...........Mai got the job @ Vilage and invited me to the cinema free of charge, and free pizza too :D It's too bad that the movie was blue crush :(
The new cinema complex was nice :}~

humm...Man my past 20 days sure have been fucking boring D:
Oh yeah, I also haven't returned this book that I borrowed from the uni library, it was due about 3 weeks ago :( And I also haven't returned the Dirty Pair Flash movie that I borrowed from the Macc library, and I still ower tons of cds to people for burning, plus I still owe 375 bucks to my sister for the 120 gig HD...

I also cooked Honey chicken the friday that my parents went to China (Oh bythe way, my parents are in China :}), and I shouted my sister/s and her boyfriend (one) to dinner @ an indian restaurant on friday night, so yeah :D Feels good to shout people again. But spent 70 bucks on an unsatisfactory meal so bleh >:O

I ended up working 7 hours on thursday, 8 hours on friday and 4 on saturday...in those 3 days i got a total of 5 hours sleep, thanks to the amount of coffee I drank at work >:\
Came home on satday, and was supposed to vacuum the floor, but i dropped into bed and slept for 6 hours straight.

That night, people came over for a barbeque we were having, which I wasn't aware of until that morning, but anyway. So I ended up playing some ssbm, and also karaoked for a while, and lost my voice today :(

And Darchon's ftp fucked up again, so while I was planning to use up my remaining 2.5 gigs if bandwidth during the weekend, it never came to pass :(((((((
Besides, I was too busy doing other stuff to set up the downloading anyway so bleh :{

Got my schedule for next week, 1-8 monday to wednesday, so 21 hours of work, about 250 bucks after tax, so not bad at all.

Then I get to study in my free time, and japanese exam on friday, as well as a day off on saturday and sunday, so yay XD

Today while I was vacuuming, noticed the Fruit basket had mold inside of it. The smell was putrid, and I ended up cleaning 2398234 things today. I was quite satisfied after doing it all, but ended up getting to the cinema late :/

The stupid retard in front of me was driving @ 60 on an 80 zone road.

Not only that, on the way home, I had another old retard driving @ 60 on an 80 zone road (WELLINGTON ROAD!) and turned into my residential area road as well, on Tirhatuan Drive, and drove @ 40 in the 50 zone. so...slow....>:O~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well anyway, if anyone decides to read this, then whee :)

if not then D:, but only for about 10 mins, and then whee :) some more :E

so for now I'll just be :|

chow, Garbo.